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The Role of E-Transportation in Developing Businesses – 5th & 6th August 2019

The Role of E-Transportation in Developing Businesses – 5th & 6th August 2019 Workshop: the role of e-transportation in developing businesses The ICCIMA, in cooperation with Total Nav, held a workshop on the role of e-transportation in systematizing transportation in Iran. If implemented, Iran will overtake its neighbors in this subject. Mr. Dashti, the instructor of the workshop, presented some information about the CMR convention, which Iran has joined since 2015 with the help of the road services providing its infrastructure. Any country which joins this convention, must obey all its regulations. Mr. Dashti pointed out the pros and cons of e-documents and e-booklets and why they should be used. Using these e-documents will save time and cost. Electronic insurance was another topic covered in this workshop. E-insurance connects to the insurance system automatically after CMR is issued. This system will automatically notify the dangers the goods face and also notifies about the points of CMR which are not observed. At the end of the workshop, the insurance software was covered and a Q&A was held. Second day – 6th August On the second day of the workshop, Mr. Bayat presented the electronic transportation of hazardous material (ADR). Transportation companies in Iran are facing problems since the joining of neighboring countries to the ADR convention. These companies will not be able to transport hazardous material to Iran conveniently. Iran has not joined this convention yet; however, the ICCIMA has started training courses on hazardous material transportation and professional drivers in cooperation with the IRU academy and will try to hold these courses in difference provinces. The road services organization has requested the parliament to review the ADR regulations and will make the best of efforts for Iran to join this convention. He further explained about the goals of ADR, its role in hazardous material transportation, packing of these material, and even the means of transportation. The book for the ADR convention is printed every 2 years. The regulations cited by the UN must be observed by the member countries. If not, the consequences must be faced. At the end, Mr. Bayat pointed out the importance of observing the rules and regulations, and answered the questions of the participants.