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Training Seminar – Excellence Management in Organizations – 23rd July 2019 – Speaker: Mr. Klaus Peter Wegenfuhr

Training Seminar – Excellence Management in Organizations – 23rd July 2019 – Speaker: Mr. Klaus Peter Wegenfuhr The ICCIM’s representative started this seminar by welcoming the audience and introducing the speaker. The content of the seminar included the competitive market as well as the network nature of markets. The seminar began by two examples of Blue and Red Ocean; fishing in safe waters (Blue Ocean) and dangerous waters (Red Ocean), obviously one cannot go fishing in where there are sharks. Further, some definitions were given for Blue and Red Ocean. What’s Blue Ocean? It’s like a virgin island where no one has reached before. In this model, you can easily swim and be at peace. But in Red Ocean – unlike Blue Ocean, there is no space for swimming, and everyone is fighting so they can swim, so no one is at peace. In Blue Ocean you can easily introduce an idea and have good sales in the lifetime of the idea. In this ocean, the customers are of most importance. This importance is a prerequisite, persuading and satisfying the customers’ needs will keep them in this ocean longer. In Blue Ocean – reduce expenses, spend more on providing services to customers. In Red Ocean – a balance is made between expenses which is very different from Blue Ocean. In Blue Ocean, we have to see if the quality the customer wants is in the right level. Sometimes the customer is after low quality with very low price. So we must see the idea from the customer’s view. Usually all products have the necessary standards, but we have to see what type of product the customer is after. If we are considering customer satisfaction, we should not undermine the quality of the product. How do we discover the Blue Ocean? There are 6 methods and frameworks for forming the Blue Ocean. Sometimes we have to eliminate or reduce previous factors in order to reduce costs and to be different from the competitors, some factors must be increased or created. Of these 6 methods, 3 are more effective. In the seminary, some German airlines’ charts were studied including: in-flight services, seating conditions, attendants’ conduct and food. At the end of analyzing the charts, it was concluded that the seating condition had the least importance and the attendants’ conduct and variety of flight times were of more importance. For new ideas: first, put yourself in a group and then analyze a chain of values. Then discover the customers’ and target market’s needs. Finally present the results. In the final part you must feel the satisfaction, distinguish and effectiveness.