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On the first day of the National Conference on “Interaction Between Industries and Universities”, the head of the ICCIM institute said: in industrial countries most of universities’ board of trustees own large industries and this is in fact the way industries interact with universities.
Hossein Mir Mohammad Sadeghi pointed out the sixth anniversary of the national conference on industry and universities and stated: this conference was held annually in a different province with a specific approach and this year it is held in Isfahan, considering it is the capital of industries and universities in Iran, approaching Exports and Industry Generation.
He added: after the revolution we witnessed a wealth-generation approach in a way that the people involved in this field were criticized in various ways, but this approach has been corrected in recent years.
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With more than 40 years of educational background, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture's Educational and Research Institute started its activities in 2006 as an independent subsidiary of Iran's Chamber of Commerce with the aim of empowering and increasing productivity in the business and commercial community and also laying the groundwork for a progressive environment for studies and research needed to develop new scientific and common applicable methods in the global business space by inviting prominent instructors and researchers from management, commerce, economy, accounting, computer, law and foreign languages.
Besides holding courses, seminars and workshops for business people, this institute has designed and held short-term training courses for industry owners, managers, business experts and researchers. A valid certificate is awarded after the successful completion of each course.